Various applications

  • Toxicology, Life span, Chemotaxis, Oxidative stress, Heat shock, etc.

Environmental control

  • Equipped with temperature control and blue light control

Compatible with any culture media

  • Can be used agar and liquid media

High-resolution and high-speed tracking

  • High-resolution, high-density sensor tracks animal behavior at every step


It is able to measure behavior of any small animal cultured in microplates

WMicrotracker ARENAの特徴

The method is based on subjecting the organisms to an array of thousands of microbeams of light that are very close to each other. In this way, not only the movement of animals can be detected but also their position in the culture medium.
The innovation rely in applying a phenomenon called optical interferometry, which enables us to acquire shadows of small organisms without the need for microscopes or high resolution captures. It allows real-time processing.
This product is protected under international patents: P20060105084AR, PCT/IB2007/054628, EPO & US patent granted, owned by the Argentinian National Research Council CONICET and licensed to PHYLUMTECH S.A; and P20190100121AR, PCT/ES2020/070029, EPO & US patent owned by PHYLUMTECH S.A.




WMicrotracker ARENA
Microplate format compatibility 6, 24 well pate, 35mm petri dish
Total IR channels Sensing area composed of more than 20000 infrared microbeams
Organism Size >= 1 mm in size
Picture acquisition 1 frame/second
Data processing 5 minutes time block resolution
Minimum measurement time (per plate) 15-30min
Temperature control Yes (20-37ºC)
Culture Media Air, Agar, Liquid
Size W260 × D205 × H270 mm

Produst Name(code)

Microplate format compatibility Total IR channels Organism Size Picture acquisition Data processing Minimum measurement time (per plate) Temperature control Culture Media Size
WMicrotracker ARENA 6, 24 well pate, 35mm petri dish Sensing area composed of more than 20000 infrared microbeams >= 1 mm in size 1 frame/second 5 minutes time block resolution 15-30min Yes (20-37ºC) Air, Agar, Liquid W260 × D205 × H270 mm