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SCREEN is exhibiting at the ISSCR 2022 Annual Meeting.15 June, 2022-19 June, 2022

Come and meet our experts to learn more about our new generation 3D imaging and MED64 electrophysiology platforms.
Discover the beauty that only the highest-sensitivity MEA can bring to your research!
The MED64 Presto is a microelectrode array (MEA) system that incorporates the industry leading sensitivity of the MED64 platform in an easy to use multi-well format. Modern, intuitive, easy to use software makes data collection and analysis effortless.
A high-throughput, high-resolution imager for multi-fluorescence imaging of 3D and 2D cultured cells.
ISSCR 2022 Annual Meeting
15 June, 2022-19 June, 2022

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