Various applications

  • Toxicology, Life span, Chemotaxis, Oxidative stress, Anthelmintic, Ecotoxicity, RNAi, etc.

Various organisms

  • C. elegans, Parasites, Zebrafish and other small animals.

Easy to use

  • Can be used in 6, 12, 24, 48, 96F, 96U, 384 well plates

Artifact suppression

  • Non-invasive measurement of organism activity using IR detection method


It is able to measure behavior of any small animal cultured in microplates

The method is based on detecting the scattering of light caused by the movement of organisms when they are subjected to microbeams of infrared light.
The technology is implemented as a grid of infrared light microbeams: 2 microbeams per well of 96 wells, wavelength 880nm, 100 micrometers in diameter, power (1mW / mm2)
When any animal scatter the light from the microbeams, a locomotor activity counter is increased, and the result can be seen as the activity accumulated over time (total or kinetic activity).
This approach has been previously used to study circadian rhythms of fruit flies. Phylumtech's innovation rely in the sensitivity obtained by the microbeams, allowing the quantification of quasi-microscopic organisms.
This product is protected under international patents, owned by the Argentinian National Research Council CONICET (P20060105084AR, PCT/IB2007/054628, EPO &US patent granted) and licensed to PHYLUMTECH S.A. All rights reserve




WMicrotracker One
Microplate format compatibility 6, 12, 24, 48, 96F, 96U, 384 well plates
Total IR channels 384
Organism Size At least 500 um in size
Data processing 2 minutes time block resolution
minimum measurement time (per plate) 15-30min
Temperature control No
Media Liquid
Size W230 x D297 x H95 mm
Product name (Code) Microplate format compatibility Total IR channels Organism Size Data processing minimum measurement time (per plate) Temperature controlTemperature control Media Size
WMicrotracker ONE 6-24-96F-96U-384 well plates 384 At least 500 um in size 2 minutes time block resolution 15-30min No Liquid W230 x D297 x H95 mm